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95.7 The Ridge
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Celebrating the talent of Rome & Northwest Georgia

week 254: 11/23/16
Russell McClanahan & The Moon Crew
with Russell McClanahan, Phil Helton, Clint Dillard, Stu, Mullins
Today's test theme song:
David E. Elliott - All Strung Out From Too Much Fretting
Ellie Lawrence - Bare Knuckles
Jeremy Wells - The Bait
Kira Annalise - Maybe You Won't
Clay Broome - Between the Clouds and Sky
The Moon Crew - Why You Been Gone So Long? (live)
The Moon Crew - Nothing Fancy 'bout a Cowboy (live)
The Moon Crew - A Wish For Words That Work (live)
The Moon Crew - Field of Stone (live)
The Moon Crew - Crawdad Song (live)
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