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Celebrating the talent of Rome & Northwest Georgia

week 341: 7/25/18
Farm Fest 2018
with Joel Bridges & Dean Cochran of Milky Sway, Stu & Clay
The Waymores - In Spite of Ourselves
Joel & Dean of Milky Sway - The Heavy (live)
Joel & Dean of Milky Sway - Planetary Ride (live)
The Burger Queens - Muscle Spasm McGee
The Donors - The Censure
Joel & Dean of Milky Sway - Bright Light (live)
Drop Dead Nasty - The Undeniable Seismic Power of the Pistol Shrimp
Joel & Dean of Milky Sway - Pieces (live)
cannonandtheboxes - More To Do
Farm Fest 2018


SMC presents The NWGA Music Hour


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